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Enable is your Business and IT consulting and digital transformation partner for exceeding expectations

Experience, transparency, efficiency.

Enable Consulting is an IT consultancy specializing in digital transformation services. We have deep expertise in system engineering and architecture, customer relationship services, and project management consulting services.

The ultimate goal of Enable Consulting is long-term partnerships with our clients. Our pragmatic and agnostic approach to digital transformation services ensures that we do what is in the best interest of our clients without pushing specific products. If it’s in your best interest, we will recommend it, without the hidden agendas or overly complicated solutions common with other IT and digital agencies.

Our blended delivery model leverages on-shore leadership with offshore delivery to bring cost effective and tailored solutions to your IT project. Our proprietary project requirements gathering process (SCOPE™) and Agile methodologies ensures your project is completed efficiently, thoroughly, cost-effectively, and to the highest quality standards.

You’ll work with a team that’s been together since 2002, and benefit from the experience and collaborative skills that come from this lasting history.  Our clients typically meet their relationship lead during their first connection with Enable, and that stability and reliability are seen throughout the entire project.

What sets us apart from other digital transformation services companies

Experience: Work with highly skilled experts in creating digital transformation solutions for many industries and technologies. From clients large to small, our goal is to be a trusted advisor and to build long-term client relationships.

Transparency: We are vendor agnostic, with a focus on pragmatic solutions and real-time project visibility. Our commitment is to quality, using standardized processes and agile methodology to meet and exceed your expectations.

Efficiency: We employ highly collaborative engagement models, with project management focused on timeline, budget, and quality. You’ll get big firm expertise with engagement flexibility and repeatable, scalable processes.

Expertise beyond the usual digital transformation services

Business:  We are focused on business processes.

Sample capabilities:

  • Business process mapping
  • Functional transformation
  • Product roadmaps
  • Vendor selections
  • Documentation and user training

Technical: We have broad technical knowledge and experience

Sample capabilities:

  • Enterprise systems and architecture
  • Custom applications
  • Development factory
  • Integration tools
  • Mobile and user experience
  • Analytics, data migration, reporting

Process: Execution transparency and proven processes

Sample capabilities:

  • Proprietary project execution process (SCOPE)
  • Hybrid agile
  • Collaborative tools and processes
  • Real-time project visibility

Facilitate success with SCOPE and mind mapping


SCOPE is our proprietary framework that helps us understand the situation, symptoms, and dependencies of the problem being addressed.

S – Symptoms

C – Connections

O – Outcomes

P – Plan

E – Execution

The SCOPE approach allows us to gather project requirements quickly, and to design a thorough and pragmatic plan to achieve the desired project results.

The program is launched with a jumpstart session using specialized facilitation and data gathering techniques with tools such as mind mapping and outlining software. The goal of the jumpstart session is to engage all of the necessary parties involved with the initiative and to gain an understanding of the symptoms and dependencies of the problem being addressed.

The typical SCOPE session is approximately 1 – 2 days (depending on project complexity) with an additional day post-session to document the results.

Mind mapping

We use mind mapping as a facilitation technique that allows us to visualize requirements quickly. The outcome of mind mapping is a creative, organized, and thorough understanding of the project and how to execute it efficiently.

Your IT and digital transformation services company

Our abundance of repeat customers speaks to our commitment to building long-term client relationships. Your IT or digital transformation project will benefit from our 20+ years of expertise and our collaborative history.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and how it can bring your vision to life.

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