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CMC Energy Services, a woman-owned business founded in 1977, works to empower communities through energy efficiency and clean energy to create a more comfortable, affordable and equitable future for all. Delivering value-based energy conservation services, CMC Energy enables its utility partners to implement large-scale energy conservation programs to reach energy saving mandates and goals, while helping them build better relationships and reduce the energy usage of their customers.  

Today, CMC is a leading provider of energy efficiency program management; customer engagement through marketing, outreach and call center support; field services; quality assurance and quality control; and engineering for all utility customer segments. 

In April of 2022, Enable Consulting was asked to develop a Proof of Concept to help the CMC Energy team coalesce behind Salesforce 2.0 as an application to support its business priorities.

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Keeping pace with change 

When Enable Consulting joined the team, CMC Energy was operating with a legacy CRM application to manage relationships with its customers – both in its direct dealings with consumers looking for energy saving solutions as well as with its utility partners. The existing system was expensive to operate and difficult to maintain properly. It was cumbersome to add new clients or modify the program and very difficult to train new users.  

CMC Energy realized that they needed to move to a new system to support their evolving business model and approach. They wanted a new CRM system to support their enhanced online customer engagement and business operations. But, as happens to many companies in this position, they were unsure if Salesforce was the right solution to provide the end-to-end results they were seeking.

To move through the next phase of growth, the organization brought in a new CIO to help lead the effort. The CIO worked with the executive team to get full buy-in and engagement, and also reevaluated the goals and priorities for the replacement CRM – such as moving from a call-based consumer interface to a self-service online application. 

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Enable Consulting re-energizes the team

In April 2022, Enable Consulting stepped in – bringing our high-level Salesforce expertise coupled with our system’s engineering background to re-energize the effort to pursue a new CRM system application and secure buy-in from the team.

As senior-level advisors, working in collaboration with the IT team and staff from multiple divisions within CMC Energy, Enable Consulting developed a Proof of Concept to clearly demonstrate that Salesforce could fulfill all of CMC Energy’s business objectives and customer requirements. 

The Proof of Concept provided a compelling case for Salesforce adoption and helped the CMC Energy team coalesce behind the new application, as Enable walked them through exactly how Salesforce could provide the end-to-end solutions they require. The POC was highly detailed and offered persuasive proof that Salesforce would be key to CMC Energy’s future success. The POC also provided the CMC Energy CIO with the data and support he needed to get the executive team onboard with its implementation. 

In July 2022, Enable Consulting took the next step – providing the critical IT support team, a detailed, cost-effective and efficient implementation plan, including a timeline and budget, to successfully support the integration of Salesforce 2.0 for CMC Energy. With the right team of experts utilizing state-of-the art technologies, products and platforms, coupled with a strategic game plan, the successful launch will happen at the end of the 2022. 

“The quality of the deliverable from Enable has been top notch. They are a true partner, approaching the day-to-day challenges with us as a team. Enable found the right talent for us, offered spot-on solutions all along the way, gave us consistent recommendations and asked the right questions.”

Paul Mackay, Chief Information Officer


While our journey with CMC Energy continues, we were able to deliver through the Proof of Concept the results for the IT team which assisted them in unifying their departments, team members and organization behind a well-tested, efficient customer relationship management solution to meet their business needs. Enable provided the runway for CMC to takeoff as the future continues to evolve.   

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  • Enable Consulting validated that CMC Energy Service’s business objectives could be achieved with Salesforce through a compelling Proof of Concept. 
  • The Proof of Concept drove the buy-in from the client and their executive team.
  • The entire team was motivated and excited to embrace the well-planned launch of the new application.

 “The chemistry between CMC and Enable was outstanding from day one. We are both agile companies, so our cultures aligned and it was evident right from the start that our success really mattered to them. They truly wanted us to be successful.”  

Anthony Retallick, Director of Project Management

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