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Expert program and project management for successful digital transformations

The success of your business relies on efficient, reliable, and often scalable technology solutions that can be managed and supported. With Enable Consulting you get the benefit of working with seasoned, success-oriented experts in enterprise architecture, IT program and project management, and technology analysis. From developing thorough, aligned business requirements to making sure the right (and best) talent is applied at the appropriate time, our consultants bring deep expertise and commitment to your project. Our focus is on the efficient execution of a comprehensive plan.

Program and project management consulting services

Our consultancy offers top-notch competency in all aspects of project and program management. Business process best practices: With our experience, we can advise on best business practices to make your processes more efficient. Business requirements: Experts in developing and documenting requirements to bring alignment to a multi-faceted project. Enterprise architecture: Experienced in reviewing and creating scalable and integrated enterprise application architectures. Technology analysis: Pragmatic approach to identify products and technologies that meet business objectives. Project QuickStart: SCOPE uses mind mapping to quickly define and assess an initiative and provide the playbook to execute a successful project. Program and project management: Real-time visibility using tools and processes providing accountability for geographically and functionally diverse projects. Competency sourcing: Applying the right expertise during any phase of a project. Key project talent is employed when and where needed in discovery, validation, and delivery phases.

Consulting services for top industry platforms

Our consultants are well versed in the top industry platforms:  
  •  .NET
  • Android
  • Google
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Rails
  • Salesforce

Consulting services for digital transformations

We are ready to help you harness the power of digital transformation for your business. Contact us today to speak with someone and get started.

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