You’ve probably heard this phrase more than once in your lifetime: nothing that’s worth having comes easy. Isn’t that the truth? This expression can apply to all aspects of life from your family to your job or your business. At Enable, we believe that anything worth having takes effort, even the most formidable of challenges.

For our clients undertaking a CRM implementation, one of the most difficult steps in the process can be data migration. Think of the data for your business like the gas for your car. The higher quality gas you put in, the better performance you’ll get in return. That’s why we work with our clients to make sure their data is in the best shape possible before a CRM implementation, because good inputs equal better outputs.

But how do you begin to clean your data and prepare it for migration? Well, we’re going to be honest here. This can be a pretty significant undertaking. But remember what we said… nothing worth having comes easy. And with Enable by your side, we help you tackle this step of a CRM implementation together. That’s why they call us Philly tough. Give us a difficult task and we’re going to work through the process with you until we achieve results together.

Here’s another thing we’re going to be honest about. The effort to clean your data before migration is worth it. Trust us, it really is. Preparing a good set of data will greatly reduce issues during CRM implementation and once it goes live. Remember, higher quality fuel is going to result in better performance down the road.

We’ve got decades of experience helping clients from all types of industries evaluate and prepare their specific business data prior to migration to a new CRM. We can do the very same for you. Don’t let the fear of data preparation curtail you from your ultimate goals. Let’s have a conversation and we’ll share our knowledge and expertise to help you through this task. We’re pretty sure the end result will be absolutely worth it.

Contact us for a no-pressure conversation about your CRM needs and how our #consultingphillystyle can be put to work for you.