You’ve probably heard about the benefits of mind mapping as an advantageous approach to brainstorming and problem solving. Maybe you’ve even thought about giving mind mapping a try, but weren’t sure how to start. Or maybe, just maybe, the idea of utilizing mind mapping sounds intriguing, but also a little intimidating to attempt to go it alone. We hear you, and we’re here to help.

Simply put, mind mapping is a process designed to capture new and related ideas and represent them as a framework radiating out from a central concept or problem you’re trying to solve.

At Enable, we call our mind mapping process SCOPE (Symptoms, Connections, Outcome, Plan and Execution), and we think its an indispensable approach to diagnose and solve our clients’ unique business challenges.

With Enable as your partner, quick starting an initiative doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, our clients find SCOPE to be a very organic and collaborative process, which results in an organized diagram – or map – of how to develop a collective effort between us and you to ultimately get the job done.

Say, for example, your business has a sales problem. That starts out in the center of the map. Working with Enable, we will help SCOPE the reasons for your sales problem, and collaboratively develop ideas to diagnose and solve that issue, which will visually radiate from the center of the map. What results is much more than just a to-do list for you and your team. Through our SCOPE process, we’ll help you to see the bigger picture, and generate a visual path to a successful resolution of your initial sales problem.

Mind mapping improves communication between us and you right from the very start of a project. It also keeps our team connected and aligned with yours every step of the way, and enables us to efficiently drive to the real root of your problem while we all collaborate together, making critical decisions along the way.

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