Ponder this statement for a moment: everyone lives by selling something. There’s a lot of truth to this quote, credited to Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson, who made the claim long before the evolution of on-line sales dominated business and industry. But despite the explosion of e-commerce companies and consumers over a century later, his words still ring true today.

In 2022, our world is centered on the sale of goods and services for a profit. While we’re pretty sure Stevenson couldn’t have fathomed the idea of selling something online using advanced technology like a computer way back then, his assertion is no less diminished by the birth and growth of e-commerce.

Statistics estimate there could be close to 25 million e-commerce sites currently in existence with more being developed every day. That’s a lot of businesses, but more importantly, it’s a LOT of customers. If you are making a living selling something online, customer relationships are vital, and a CRM is fundamental to your success.

Whether you are a startup company or a long-standing retailer, you need to understand the importance of CRM for your web-based business. Improved customer experience, detailed analytics, ability to segment and market to your customers, predictive analysis and forecasting, social media integration, brand consistency, these are just a few of the benefits of CRM for e-commerce.

So where do you begin? With a good partner.

Enable Consulting has spent decades working with businesses of all kinds to transform their digital services, adopting or expanding CRM technology with tailored solutions. We pride ourselves on being an experienced partner with highly skilled experts who efficiently employ collaborate processes that will exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to help you achieve excellent relationships with your customers through the smart application and use of technology.

The Enable team knows how to make the most of a CRM system and can help with everything from implementation, configuration and customization so your CRM is streamlined, dynamic and fully integrated to fit your organization’s specific needs. For every stage of the customer journey, we have the expertise to ensure your systems and teams are aligned and integrated, so sales can flow into your business.

No matter what e-commerce solution your business needs, improving relationships with and experiences for your customers can prove successful.

If you’re using e-commerce solutions to sell something – anything – we can show you how advantageous a well-structured CRM can be for your organization.

Let’s talk today.