COVID-19 changed the way almost every organization had to do business, as the arrival of the pandemic upended all sense of normalcy, sending industries in wild new directions that few could have predicted. No industry had to clamor for ways to do familiar things in new ways more than the healthcare industry, which, long before COVID arrived, was already entrenched in ways in which to harness the power of technology to simplify a host of patient and provider needs.

The value of a high-functioning customer relationship management (CRM) system in healthcare organizations and medical practices cannot be overstated.  Everything from patient access, patient engagement, telemedicine services and virtual care can be improved through an integrated CRM system. Those healthcare organizations who had solid CRM systems in place pre-COVID were positioned somewhat better than those that did not, but today, in a post-pandemic world, an effective CRM system for hospitals, doctors and medical practices is a necessary business requirement. 

Enable Consulting has been supporting the healthcare industry’s CRM needs for decades, helping our clients through rapid transformation to extend its reach to patients through the use of digital health, operational transformation and consumer experience. Telemedicine and other techniques can now deliver personalized, efficient and informed care. Enable provides transformative digital solutions across the healthcare continuum, from architecture and technology development to product roadmaps, build and implementation, all with our signature, collaborative project management approach.

Some of our healthcare specific services include strategies to improve patient engagement, coordinate care, and data integration, compliance and migration. We can help to design a CRM that will optimize workflows to ensure better patient care and business intelligence that incorporates safe, secure automated telehealth services. For our healthcare clients, the benefits are many – better clinical outcomes, greater patient satisfaction and retention, and increased operational efficiency, to name a few.

Our team knows how to make the most of a CRM system and can help with implementation, configuration and customization which results in a streamlined, dynamic and fully integrated tool that provides an enhanced and personalized experience.

If you’re ready to harness that reality with a powerful CRM, let’s schedule a time to talk.

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