Industry Solutions

There are many common problems that companies face across industries. These are often complex and challenge how work gets done and drives operational excellence. Enable understands the global nature of business today and has the experience and expertise to help our clients achieve their business goals.


Below is an example of some of the solutions that we have delivered to our various industry clients:


Industry Overview

Enable serves as the full service partner for a global diversified manufacturing and service organization. Because of the siloed nature of the businesses, dozens of business units required separate CRM platforms, implementation, and support requirements. We worked with executive management of the various business units to determine their specific business and technical requirements. Enable provides full life cycle services for the organization's global CRM, Marketing and Service processes. Services provided include: 

  • Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud/Service and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Provide Azure Cloud Migrations

  • Deliver Pardot/Communities/Integrations

  • Ongoing maintenance and support for ERP's, Marketing tools, and CRM Support

Customer Spotlight

Enable provided CRM selection services for a Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturing client to address the Sales, Marketing, and budget requirements to identify the Salesforce and Veeva platforms that is now globally adopted. Our solution designed and implemented services and integration workflows within the Salesforce platform integrated with other source systems resulting in significant transformation of current sales and marketing activities globally. 


Life Sciences

Industry Overview

The Life Sciences Industry is undergoing tremendous changes as it continue to pivot to more directly connect with their patient targets. This involved new patient services and the continued importance of how technology can be integrated across the organization to better understand patient care and health outcomes. CIOs are faced with new technology architecture considerations and how the cloud extends their organization to external constituents. Enable has been working with the Life Sciences industry and understands many of the key processes that depend on technology to operate efficiently. 

Life Sciences specific solutions include:


  • Patient Engagement

  • Commercial Sales

  • R & D

  • Training Tools

  • Lab Management

  • Pipeline Management

  • Contract Management


Customer Spotlight

Enable provided CRM selection services for a Large Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing client to address the Sales, Marketing, and Budget requirements. After determining the overall business requirements, Enable worked with the client business and technology leaders to identify the Salesforce and Veeva platforms to serve their needs. We designed a comprehensive solution and implemented services and integration workflows within the Salesforce platform integrated with other source systems resulting in significant transformation of current sales and marketing activities globally.  


Industry Overview

Healthcare is rapidly transforming to extend reach to patients through the use of digital health, operational transformation and consumer experience through the use of telemedicine and other techniques to deliver personalized, efficient and informed care.

Enable has delivered a variety of services to this industry in areas such as:

  • Patient Engagement

  • Care Coordination

  • Mental Health & Wellness

  • Data Migration

Customer Spotlight

Enable was engaged by was engaged by a growth-stage behavioral health solution company to determine the expansion needs of their current computing environment, based on their projections.  After determining the clients business requirements, and considering the current enterprise architecture, it was determined that a custom solution would be required to meet their overall needs.  Enable architected, designed, and operated an Agile product that accelerates all elements associated with identifying, managing, coordinating and treating behavioral health across the continuum of care. Enable provided product and systems engineering teams with augmented architecture and full-stack development, as well as quality assurance (QA) capabilities. By leveraging our off-shore capabilities, Enable was able to blend a combination of resources needed to meet the clients budgetary constraints.  We used our blended delivery approach to implement a program management and product implementation service team, and are now considered to be the full service provider for their rapidly expanding environment.

"Enable is, in essence, our strategic development factory, providing for quickly expanding product and engineering needs, as well as project management and business analysis. Their intuitive feel for transformative product architecture and capital-efficient build-out support are essential prerequisites for our company's long-term success"

-Mark Redlus, CEO, Tridiuum

Financial Services

Industry Overview

Financial Services organizations are being challenged by the transformations of new models of customer reach resulting from mobile and internet channels.  As a result the industry must become more agile and innovate rapidly to meet the needs of their customers and also to differentiate from new market entrants that pose a challenge through their lower overhead and lighter/easier to use models as compared to traditional financial services models.

 Enable has delivered a variety of services to this industry in areas such as:

  • Trust Management

  • Compliance

  • Mobile Application

  • Predictive Analytics

Customer Spotlight

Enable provided a full-lifecycle Salesforce custom development team to an independent software vendor Wealth Hub to create the first Trust Management application on the Salesforce Platform.  This product helps trust organizations manage all customer interactions and compliance processes and  combines state-of-the-art CRM with trust-specific business process management to deliver a unique platform for trust and family office administration.  

Media & Communications

Industry Overview

The Media & Communications industry is rapidly transforming given the ubiquitous nature of today’s Internet infrastructure.  In this industry “Content is king” and organizations are focused on how to monetize content and reach larger audiences through the use of streaming and other content delivery methods.  Media companies are becoming content and advertising powerhouses that Enable has served for decades.

Enable provides a variety of services to the Media industries including:

  • Advertising Sales

  • Engineering & Operations

  • Government Affairs

  • Auditing Tools

  • Financial Management

Customer Spotlight

Enable developed a variety of customer facing and operational tools for a global media organization that include:

  • A management and tracking tool to capture agreements in each of their national geographies

  • Operational toolset for the advertising team to manage the insertion and tracking of local advertisers

  • An advertising tracking tool to manage political advertising compliance to satisfy FCC requirements

  • Created a black belt process transformation team to lead organizational change

"Enable has been in constant communicatiion with us, which allowed changes to the project to be made quickly and efficiently."

-Michael Ruger, Comcast


Industry Overview
The demand for services from nonprofits is on the rise in our changing world.  Nonprofits are challenged to gain competitive advantages to improve the fundraising during challenging times.  Innovation is driving many of these organizations, and technology takes center stage more than ever based on what s on the decline. As competition grows, so do opportunities to tap into the use of transformational technologies like Cloud, CRM, Marketing and fundraising applications. 

Enable has the capabilities to provide a large variety of services to all Non-Profits with services that include:

  • eCommerce

  • Business Development

  • Marketing

  • Donor Management

Customer Spotlight

Enable has developed a suite of custom applications to allow a National Organ Donation Organization better track and manage their operations.  Enable collaborated with the organization to  build requirements and create an Agile team that leveraged our on-shore and off-shore team to achieve timeline and budget goals.