It’s hard to believe the fourth quarter of 2022 is already upon us. We hope this year has been good to you and your company. If you’re like us, you are doing all you can to finish this year strong, and putting the finishing touches on all those goals you set forth for you and your organization many months ago. You’re probably also in the midst of budgeting season, preparing for a new year, new initiatives and new opportunities to grow and expand your business. That’s where Enable Consulting can help.

We’ve said it before, but we think it’s worth repeating. We don’t think you need a big team to solve big problems, you just need the right team. One that is adaptable to your individual project, flexible to your specific needs and transparent from start to finish. Enable has a long history of partnering with businesses just like yours, guiding them through every possible digital transformation challenge imaginable.

Our clients benefit from two very specialized processes that guide engagements from start to finish. The first is Quick Start, our approach to the discovery phase at the beginning of any new project. Can you guess why we call it Quick Start? If you said because it’s quick, you’d be right! Although discovery is critical to the overall success of a project, we just don’t see the need to drag it out unnecessarily in lieu of actually getting down to the work at hand. Using our Quick Start model, we’ll still collect data, assess priorities and goals, establish a plan, budget and timeline for your project, we’ll just do it expeditiously because the faster you get started, the faster you’ll see results.

Then we’ll use our distinctive SCOPE process to collaborate with you and your team to develop an organized diagram – or map – that will allow everyone to see the bigger picture of the entire project, and illustrate exactly how together, we will create a path to a successful completion of the entire project.

Now is the time to think about your digital transformation goals for 2023. Don’t let the fourth quarter pass by without giving Enable the opportunity to show you how the right team with deep expertise in state-of-the art technologies, products and platforms can help you determine which development solution, cloud platform, enterprise system, architecture and design will best serve you, your business and your desired outcome in the new year.

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