You’ve made the important decision to implement a CRM. We know it took a lot of consideration just to take this first step, but now that you’re ready to go, you’re probably a little unsure of what to expect next.

Trust us, you’re not alone in feeling this way. In fact, it’s way more common than you think. Most of our clients undertaking a CRM implementation are a little nervous at first, anxious to get the process moving, and excited to start using their new platform. At Enable, we completely understand those feelings, and we are dedicated to helping you and your team complete the implementation process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, when it comes to a successful CRM implementation, speed isn’t the only path to success. Spending some quality time and effort during the discovery phase of the implementation process will help us help you uncover the requirements you are seeking from the CRM so we can then design the most beneficial solution best able to meet your unique needs.

The discovery phase is our opportunity to collect and analyze all of the information we need to plan a successful and timely implementation. It may seem tedious, but it is absolutely necessary. We think you’ll find that our quick start approach to the discovery phase allows us to capture the data we need by asking the right questions swiftly, but thoroughly.

Through discovery, we’ll also establish goals, timelines, budgets, deliverables and even discuss potential barriers we may encounter along the way. We’ll ask you questions about your business, your sales cycle, how you get your leads, who will be using the CRM, your KPIs, just to name a few. Our goal is to use the discovery phase to develop a clear understanding of the overall project, as well as your individual business, and set forth our road map for success between our team and yours.

You’ve taken the hardest and most important first step in deciding to implement a CRM. Don’t let the discovery phase deter you from moving forward. Let the Enable team walk side by side with you on your path to success. We promise it won’t be painful and absolutely worth the effort.

Contact us today so we can tell you more.