Close your eyes for a moment and visualize a giant, three-tiered chocolate birthday cake, filled with sweet strawberry preserves and iced in a buttercream frosting topped with chocolate-covered strawberries. Now, we want you to think about that cake as a metaphor for the most daunting technology project facing your organization today. Believe it or not, every layer making up that cake can help you find the solution to your problem, and the team from Enable Consulting wants to show you how.

First, let’s start off right in the center of the cake. Consider the sweet strawberry filling as the actual problem you need to solve. Maybe you need to implement a new CRM. The filling – or new CRM – is then wrapped with a series of interrelated layers – cake and frosting – which illustrate the steps and work needed to get that CRM up and running. The chocolate covered strawberries on top are the project’s strategic goals, vision and objectives facing outward for all to see. They are the beacon that guides the project from start to finish, and without them, the cake is well, just a plain old boring cake.

This framework for the cake, starting at the center and building outward, is another way to explain the “wrapper model”, and it’s exactly how the Enable team will build solutions for your business needs. Every aspect of your project is managed from one layer to the next, with the goals, objectives and vision for the work always remaining on top, guiding the process to a successful completion.

At Enable Consulting, we combine a wrapper approach to project and technical leadership with our renowned hybrid team to achieve success for you. When you work with us, our U.S.-based team will lead your project from concept to completion, delivering individualized attention, a high level of continuity, agility and personalized results every step of the way. Your domestic team is supported by experts working abroad skillfully prepared to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality solutions. This offshore team is thoroughly screened for your specific project using a comprehensive set of selection criteria to assure a high level of competency and cultural fit.

This hybrid team brings together over 100 experienced, quality professionals all working to support you. Not only do you benefit from their expertise, but this model also provides an economy of scale, a high level of alignment, accountability, transparency, quality and service.

To learn how we can wrap ourselves around the biggest challenges facing your organization today, give us a call for a no-pressure discussion. Now that’s a piece of cake.

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