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One of Enable’s greatest strengths is the people behind our projects. Enable is built on a 20-year collaborative history between its two founders, Joe Cellucci and Jim Bauer. Beyond the breadth of their collective IT consulting skills, this long-term partnership has resulted in a team that works smoothly and well together, bringing that to all our client relationships.

With close ties to the Philadelphia area, the executive team for Enable is involved in their communities, both locally and within the IT industry.

Get to know the people behind the IT consulting services.

Joe Cellucci

Joe Cellucci

CEO/Managing Partner

Joe Cellucci, CEO, Managing Partner, and co-founder of Enable, has built a company dedicated to solving customers’ hard problems and being the trusted advisor to its clients for the long-term. With over an 80% retention rate, client loyalty is a testament to Enable and Joe’s success at doing just that.

With a start in IT consulting, and then quickly moving into CEO roles, Joe knew he wanted to found a consultancy with a transparent, honest, and people-focused culture. “We founded Enable to be an organization that doesn’t just solve the problem at hand but fixes the underlying issue,” says Joe. “Without that you’re just another consultancy. The goal is to leave behind a result, not a reason to go elsewhere.”

Joe credits the company’s strong culture as the reason for surviving the ups and downs of business for the past 20+ years. Due to its project-based business model, consultants come and go with some frequency depending on the skill sets needed. Joe has found that the ones who stay are aligned with Enable’s goals, creating a uniquely collaborative, talent-nurturing environment in an industry not known for that.

Joe is a self-proclaimed technology nut, listening to podcasts and keeping up with the latest technology advances. In his rare moments of down time Joe enjoys playing golf, where he can be alone and focused, not worrying about anything other than lining up his next shot. His attraction to golf – notoriously “Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master” – helps with his consulting work. He’s adept at approaching unknown situations with thoughtful consideration of all angles, never settling to just repeat what worked in the past. He, and each member of the Enable team, is dedicated to searching for new, better solutions to each problem faced.

Prior to co-founding Enable in 2002, Joe was CEO of ProCaveo, Inc., where he led the repositioning of the company, focusing it on security and business integration.  Previously, Joe spent five years at CoreTech Consulting Group, an information technology consulting firm, where he served in various positions, including Chief e-Business Officer, Director of Marketing and Practice Manager for the electronic business technologies and application services consulting practices. 

Joe has presented at a number of leading industry conferences and has written or been interviewed for several articles for national technical publications. Joe has delivered a national series of seminars and served as an adjunct professor and coordinator for the e-business curriculum for New York University, Philadelphia University, and Gwynedd Mercy College.

Enable Consulting, Fort Washington, PA

Jim Bauer

COO/Managing Partner

Jim Bauer serves as COO and Managing Partner of Enable Consulting, LLC.   Before co-founding Enable, Jim held the same title at ProCaveo, Inc. where he was responsible for overseeing the firm’s overall operations, driving marketing activities, and building business partner relationships.  Previously, Jim was Senior Vice President responsible for sales, marketing, and customer support for Tseng Labs Inc. Before that, he was Executive Vice President of Marketing and on the board of directors at Swan Technologies, Inc.

Jim has served on the Board of Directors for the Microcomputer Marketing Council of the Direct Marketing Association.  Jim is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

Sherry French

Sherry French

Executive Vice President, Consulting Services

Sherry French, Executive Vice President of Consulting Services, provides strategic IT consulting to Enable’s clients, and is responsible for all aspects of delivering a high quality, timely, and fitting solution to each client’s unique challenge.

She brings to Enable 30 years’ experience in building and leading strong technology and development teams, developing software systems, and leading strategic IT programs and projects to a successful result. She credits her rare blend of strategic vision with technical skills to her years as part of the Digital VMS development team, coupled with her experience running several software companies over the years. Sherry holds several patents from her work in software development.

Sherry is hands-on in seeing strategies implemented successfully. A typical day will see her giving architecture and system guidance to the project managers, business analysts, and tech architects who report into her. She’s a problem solver with a natural aptitude for technology. “Taking complex concepts and making them simple, bringing order out of chaos, comes naturally to me,” says Sherry. Solving clients’ problems, however that looks or whatever that involves, is paramount to Sherry and the entire Enable team.

Sherry loves being outdoors, riding and competing her horse, or training her dogs for competition. Training her animals has taught her a different way of communicating. “It forces clarity,” says Sherry. “Working with animals teaches you humility and patience,” two qualities that showcase why Sherry is so effective at her job.

Frank Daly

Frank Daly

Managing Director, Sales & Recruiting

Frank Daly, Managing Director of Sales and Recruiting, is on the people side of the business. With over 25 years in sales and marketing, business development, talent acquisition, and resource management, Frank is a natural in his role in getting the right skill and fit for every role. He mentors and works across Enable’s organization, with an ability to understand and bring together all the moving parts.

Frank fronts all recruiting efforts for Enable, sourcing specific hires based on the project scope and technology expertise needed. In his role as recruiter he focuses on the person behind the facts and figures, making sure he brings in people with the right mix of technical and customer service skills. “At Enable we put the customer first, and I’d choose the person with good people skills over someone who may be slightly more technically proficient but not customer focused.”

Frank is heavily involved in sales, strategy, and account management, making sure expectations are set and met.

Throughout his career, he has held senior leadership positions with successful high-growth technology companies including Magic Hat Consulting, Aavalar Consulting, and Coretech Consulting. He learned early on that everyone needs guidance, direction and management. “People need a sense of belonging, and by making them feel part of the organization we can retain the best people who fit into our culture,” says Frank. “If you’re not influencing them, someone else is.”

Frank is an avid mountain biker and skier, two sports that offer trails at increasing skill levels. He enjoys challenging himself on the many bike trails close to his home but skis out west.

Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray

Operations Administrator

Elizabeth Murray holds a role that is critical to Enable’s success. As Operations Administrator, if it’s happening at Enable, she is the one making sure it happens efficiently and on time.

With a background in supporting start-ups, she is no stranger to wearing many hats and doing what needs to be done to build and grow a strong business. Her day to day responsibilities involve her in sales contracts and reporting, project onboarding and set up, and human resources activities. She’s the linchpin of Enable, and over the past seven years has been a key player in its growth and success.

She and Joe Cellucci, CEO of Enable, have worked together since they were in their early 20s, crossing paths at several companies over the years before joining forces at Enable. “I know this team well,” says Elizabeth, “and I’m proud to be part of building a supportive, innovative, and collaborative culture here at Enable.”

When not keeping Enable running smoothly or spending time with her family, Elizabeth loves to travel.

Anita Patel

Anita Patel

Senior Consultant

Anita Patel, Senior Consultant, is a CRM subject matter expert, business system architect, project manager, solution engineer, and client relationship manager. Enable’s clients will cross paths with Anita throughout their working relationship, from project discovery and scope, SOW preparation, and project kick-off to deployment and post-live support. 

Along with Anita’s broad skill set, she brings comprehensive experience in all phases of business system planning, implementation, integration, and ongoing support, coupled with a background in finance. This combination gives her a unique understanding of the business side of IT projects, a viewpoint appreciated by Enable’s clients as much as by its executive team.

Of all the roles she plays throughout the length of a project, it’s the interactions and partnership with clients that she enjoys the most. She often finds herself on the phone with clients providing guidance, best practices, and helpful insight on the ins and outs of CRM and solutions to business problems. “I love when a client picks my brain for solutions to their latest CRM troubles and processes,” says Anita. “I love that ‘aha!’ moment when I figure out the best use of the CRM to solve their problem, then get to see it through from scope to deployment and post-live support.”

Anita’s training in scuba diving comes in handy at work just as much as it does on her diving trips. “I’ve met people from all walks of life on dives,” says Anita, “and that’s sharpened my skills for working with all kinds of clients. Diving has taught me to be calm in the face of any situation and has developed my natural empathy and problem solving skills.”

Joe DeNicola

Joe DeNicola

Practice Lead, System Development

Joe DeNicola, Practice Lead for System Development, manages the software development process and database architecture for many of Enable’s projects. He participates in the design of the applications and then oversees their development. In many ways, he functions as a project manager, but one who brings technical expertise into the role.

Joe’s involvement in a project starts with breaking down and interpreting what the client wants, establishing the steps needed to produce the desired outcome, and then setting the course for the design of the application, software, or customization. “I enjoy visualizing and then creating applications that solve a need, and being able to use a variety of the technologies available,” says Joe. “You often can’t take advantage of the latest tech when you work within corporate IT because you have to bring the whole organization with you on any tech updates.” As part of Enable, Joe can stay up to date on the latest tech and apply that to the work he does for clients.

Joe came to Enable with a diverse background in development for commercial software and in supporting business functions within corporate IT departments.

Joe has built up his mental discipline through training for marathons. No matter the weather or temptation, Joe follows his training plan, sometimes running for four hours in the rain to meet his training goals – before many of us are even awake.