They call it the City of Brotherly Love. The Birthplace of the U.S. Independence Hall. Cheesesteaks. Rocky. Some of the most passionate sports fans on the planet. That’s Philadelphia, and despite some razzing for our well-documented Philly attitude, at Enable, we’re proud to call this city home. Moreover, we’re proud to be called Philly tough.

When you work with us, the Enable team will bring the same toughness and desire to win to your team as runs through the lifeblood of our city. We think that’s what sets us apart from other digital transformation companies, and why we want to work with you. 

Our proprietary framework that helps us understand your unique situation, symptoms and problems to be addressed is called SCOPE. That’s Symptoms, Connections, Outcomes, Plan and Execution… an approach that allows us to gather project requirements quickly, and to design a thorough and pragmatic plan to achieve your desired results. We use mind mapping as a technique that allows us to visualize your requirements quickly, and then construct a creative, organized and thorough plan which we execute efficiently and collaboratively. (Sounds pretty brotherly, doesn’t it?)

Then we hold a jumpstart session over a day or two where we get everyone together to gain a deep understanding of the problem and how it’s going to be solved. While it may not be as historical as the Constitutional Convention that took place in 1787 just a few miles down the road, this jumpstart session is our way of bringing our expert team together with yours to lay out the problem, create a roadmap to success – for you and us. And that can be pretty remarkable.

So when you’re ready to take the next step in your digital transformation, think of the team from Philly ready to be as passionate about your team as we are about ours. We may even bring you a cheesesteak and some nice cold “wooder” to wash it down.  Just send us a note and let us know if you want that cheesesteak wit or witout. (If you know, you know.)

Contact us today to experience what we mean by #consultingphillystyle.  

Philly’s own Enable team would LOVE to work with you.