Earlier this month, Salesforce announced a new extension of its healthcare innovation arm, Patient 360 for Health Innovations, to bring healthcare companies and patients together in today’s modern world. The innovative system provides cost-saving automation, personalized intelligence, and real-time data for healthcare and life sciences organizations to deliver comprehensive patient success and equitable care with greater efficiency. Patient 360 is one of the few platforms to be HIPAA compliant.

Designed to help deliver patient success all on a single platform, Patient 360 has positive implications for behavioral health, advanced therapy management, care coordination and more. Metrics show that healthcare organizations using Salesforce are seeing significant savings on operational costs, and Patient 360 could provide even greater savings.

Enable Consulting has been making the most of the Salesforce platform for our customers, implementing, configuring and customizing streamlined, dynamic and fully integrated systems specific to our customers’ needs. As a designated Salesforce Partner, we are authorized by Salesforce to develop and provide custom solutions, as well as project implementations and integrations.

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we think Patient 360 is going to be especially valuable and pertinent for healthcare organizations looking to improve productivity through more comprehensive patient insights and data, as the patient becomes the center of the system with a more comprehensive patient profile.

The Enable team has deep expertise to help your business work smarter and more efficient, using the most advanced CRM tools like Salesforce, Salesforce Genie and now Patient 360. Our skilled experts have the know-how to ensure your systems are aligned and fully integrated to allow your business to offer an enhanced and personalized experience, something customers don’t just want, but expect.

If you are ready to invest in a CRM solution that will be efficient and cost-effective without compromising patient outcomes, Patient 360 for Health will provide just that, along with real-time data and personalized intelligence to deliver patient success.

Contact us to learn more how Salesforce and Patient 360 can innovate your company today.