The term systems engineering dates back more than eight decades, born from a series of business practices undertaken by Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1940s. Today, the field of systems engineering is much more sophisticated, but still rooted in the same basic principle: proficient design, seamless integration and competent management of multiple processes to achieve a desired outcome.

Clients who choose Enable for systems engineering services benefit from an accomplished team with a long history of proven experience transforming systems with data-driven results. That’s exactly what Philadelphia-based behavioral health care company Tridiuum, maker of a cloud-based patient screening, triaging, matching and online scheduling platform, realized from its partnership with Enable.

Looking to re-engineer an existing web application to accelerate patient access to the most appropriate level of care, Tridiuum’s journey from concept to completion encompassed the hallmarks of Enable’s approach to client success including:

  • Agile product and architecture design/solutioning
  • Platform selection and service design with quality assurance capabilities
  • Technical and product oversight
  • Close collaboration among all stakeholders leveraged with the best of our capable on and off-shore teams
  • Utilization of a combination of resources to achieve budgetary goals

The results of this engagement were extraordinary: transformative product engineering and architecture, strategic business analysis, capital-efficient build-out support and indispensable project management. Tridiuum now calls Enable their strategic development factory acting as an extension of their core team. That makes us incredibly proud, and we’re delighted that Tridiuum’s successful systems engineering engagement with our team at Enable was foundational for their long-term success.

If you’re ready to put your systems engineering needs in our capable hands to benefit your processes, products and profits, contact us today.