Take a step back in history to a time when consumers had limited options for utility and energy services. There was no shopping around, no comparing options, and no competition for customers. The truth is, that time wasn’t all that long ago. But in today’s market, consumers have many choices of where to get their energy and who to buy it from. Strong competition has forced energy and utility companies to adjust the ways in which they recruit and retain customers.

No longer do customers just want to engage energy and utility providers to simply report outages; it goes far beyond that. Customers want to track usage and pay bills online, engage on social media, receive information about incentives, and generally have an uncomplicated and effortless experience across all channels. But what’s the best way to realistically achieve all of this?  A modern, customized customer relationship management system.

A CRM system can have a huge impact on how energy and utility providers meet the shifting and demanding needs of today’s savvy consumer.

With a well-structured and efficient CRM, you can eliminate the painful customer experience of waiting for something to be fixed.  Through an integrated CRM, customers can get real-time, accurate and reliable repair updates across a variety of channels.  It can become a central hub of information about your customers, elevating their level of satisfaction and one of the most valuable benefits of a CRM is its ability to help visualize the entire sales cycle to see what’s working and what’s not.  It’s an efficient tool to grow leads into paying customers.

Enable consulting has decades of experience working with energy and utility companies to enhance their CRM and digital interactive platforms, moving customers to the center and empowering our clients to personalize and automate their customer enrollment, transfer and activation of services in a highly efficient and streamlined manner.

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