Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system is no small task. While CRM systems can offer a wide array of adaptable features all aimed at transforming your business processes and driving sales, the process can be, a little bit overwhelming.

The good news is with a CRM like Salesforce, there are countless ways to customize the product to fit your organization’s specific needs. The challenge? It can often be difficult to undertake that work alone and assure you’re getting the most out of this robust product.

At Enable, we know how to make the most of your Salesforce purchase and can help with everything from implementation, configuration and customization so your CRM is streamlined, dynamic and fully integrated. We are a systems engineering team with a thorough understanding of the best practices and extensive experience with Salesforce which makes us unique and different from other vendors.

That’s just what we did for one of our clients, a world leader in promoting quality health care, who turned to Enable to help employ the Salesforce platform to efficiently migrate their existing custom application suite and create a fully integrated solution with their internal teams and systems.

First, we evaluated our client’s existing enterprise architecture to determine the best approach to migrate to Salesforces’ Experience Cloud. We utilized the latest development tools and third-party applications to deliver the solution. We then worked hand-in-hand with the company’s internal team to integrate the CRM with multiple systems across the organization. The result, Salesforce as a platform. A fully integrated process that allowed for more effective information sharing across the organization and improved workflow.

If you’re ready to see how Enable can help you with every stage of a customer’s journey, and make certain your teams and systems are best aligned to improve processes and ultimately sales, call or contact us today to start the conversation.