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Tridiuum is a digital behavioral health company and network management partner that bridges the gap between patients, payers, and providers to improve access to behavioral health services and follow-up care for members in need. Tridiuum delivers capabilities that are designed to identify those who are in need of behavioral healthcare, their condition, what intervention is best suited for the patient, and then speeds their access to care, while delivering a measurable, positive impact to each patient’s outcome.


Tridiuum had an existing behavioral health survey toolset based on years of research and used by one of the largest payer provider networks in the country, but recognized the need to expand its capabilities. The clinical assessment tool was relatively basic and didn’t account for patients’ accompanying medical care needs, nor did it follow individual outcomes. Tridiuum wanted to launch a new product that would transform not only behavioral healthcare – but the way in which it was treated in conjunction with a patients’ regular medical care – recognizing that digitally integrating the two would transform healthcare. 

That is when they invited Enable Consulting to the table.

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Transforming digital behavioral health care

In 2015, Tridiuum partnered with Enable Consulting to assist them with the design and implementation of a new platform. Enable’s team worked together with Tridiuum’s team to develop a more intuitive platform, with more scale, workflow capabilities, analytics and a unique behavioral health index that has proved invaluable.   

Enable Consulting’s team provided the hybrid Agile process and development team, leveraging its off-shore capabilities to find the perfect combination of resources needed to meet the client’s requirements as well as their budgetary constraints.  

Tridiuum One, as the new system came to be called, is a product that accelerates all elements associated with identifying, managing, coordinating and treating behavioral health care across the continuum of care. Revenue growth was significant over the course of the seven-year relationship resulting in the launch of the new product. 

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Enable Consulting’s digital platform is key during the pandemic and leads to Tridiuum’s acquisition

With the surging demand for online mental and behavioral health care services during the COVID 19 pandemic, Tridiuum One became a pivotal platform – helping to transform the behavioral medical space and leading to Tridiuum’s acquisition by New Directions Behavioral Health in late 2021. 

Today, New Directions and Tridiuum are a leading provider of technology-enabled behavioral health support services, empowering New Directions’ dedicated care teams to supply its more than 15 million members nationally with more direct and immediate access to providers – evaluating patients within 24 to 48 hours – resulting in increased quality of care through measurement-based outcomes – a home run during the pandemic. 

Utilized by nationally recognized medical and behavioral health providers and health plans, Tridiuum’s proprietary technology provides real-time information to support improved clinical decision making while also measuring quality of care.

“Enable is, in essence, our strategic development factory, providing for quickly expanding product and engineering needs, as well as project management and business analysis. Their intuitive feel for transformative product architecture and capital-efficient build-out support are essential prerequisites for our company’s long-term success.”


Mark Redlus, CEO, Tridiuum

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