Over the years, the manufacturing industry has witnessed dramatic change, evolving into a customer centered, forward thinking proactive industry focusing on future customer needs. Technology has played a significant role in this transformation, with more manufacturers turning to CRM systems to leverage sales and customer satisfaction.

The benefits of CRM in the manufacturing industry are plentiful. Sales management, supply chain control, quality improvement and customer satisfaction rank high on the list.

Sales management – A CRM will allow you to organize all of your sales information – accounts, prospects, reports and more – all in one place so sales team have access to current information right at their fingertips.

Supply chain control – Over half of all companies believe that prioritizing supply chain management provides a competitive edge to further develop their business. With post-pandemic supply chain issues still impacting manufacturers, the right CRM can deliver results and improved ROI.

Quality improvement – Manufacturers exist to produce high quality products on a consistent basis. A CRM can analyze data from various sources to address shortcomings in processes and procedures to ensure quality not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

Customer satisfaction – CRM systems not only help you track and predict future customer sales and leads, they also enhance satisfaction of customers by allowing you to nurture and build stronger relationships based on data and information gleaned through the CRM.

For more than twenty years, Enable has provided long-term, smart technology solutions to the manufacturing industry, from strategy to implementation to delivery. We approach our customer’s complex technology challenges by first determining their specific business and technical requirements, then applying our unique approach to CRM implementation and integration, all while providing strategic insight, expertise and streamlined, smart solutions.

If you’re ready to realize the invaluable benefits a CRM system can have for your manufacturing business, contact us today to learn more about how we can solve your technology problems to transform your business.